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(Video) Calm & Simple: Word play

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Creating a lovely state of calm is not all walks on the beach, yoga classes and deep breathing (although those are great!).

The words we use when speaking, (with others and self-talk), can have a powerful impact on the mind. With a little awareness, it’s quite easy to replace words that mess with the mind with more constructive and empowering ones.

Fancy a little word play?

Extra calm

I found these school holidays quite challenging! We had a lovely week away visiting family in Canberra and on the south coast, then spent the second week at home. It’s this second week that nearly broke me.. A week of rain, 8 hours of renovation work a day and 3 spirited kids (one of them in a wrist-to-elbow cast) had me going a little crazy!

To try and counter the crazy, I rose early every day for some ‘me time’ (walking, journaling, yoga practice) and had lots of early nights.

Although the reno is still going, school’s back this week so I’m feeling the calm slowly return!

How have you been creating calm lately? Got any tips or tricks to share? Email me and let me know, or pop over to facebook.

PS: Need to relax, but not sure what to try? My ‘Calm Compass’ quiz will help you discover the relaxation technique best suited to YOU!

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