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8 Sunday actions to calm the weekday chaos.

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Have you had weeks like this?

Monday beams with good intentions – your week is gonna go smoothly. No lost socks, unwalked dog or missed appointments.

But by Wednesday the cracks are starting to show. You’re exhausted. You’re out of eggs on omlette night and feeling miffed because your book club meeting clashes with Master 11’s soccer training, again.

By Friday night, you collapse in front of bad tv, and an overpriced takeaway sounds like heaven.


What would make your week better?

(Aside from no dreary work, traffic or rainy days.)

How about a confident sense of calm? That feeling that you’re so on top of things the week flows beautifully for you and the whole family (including the dog).


Well, if you want a smooth Monday to Friday, think Sunday. Sunday’s the perfect day to take gentle, purposeful action so you can calmly step forward into a new week.

Ready to discover how Sunday can help?

Make Sunday your ‘fun’ day

Let’s face it. For most of us, Monday to Friday is a bit of a grind.

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

On Sunday, why not turn up the fun factor.

What’s fun to you?

(Remember FUN – that thing that make you feel joyfully light and smiley?)

Carving out time to do something that lights you up from the inside out will fuel your soul for the week ahead.

Yes you. Not the kids, not your partner, not your friends – you.

Ask your heart to choose your fun thing, rather than your head. (Because sometimes the head tries to tell you mowing the lawn or shopping for new tap fittings is fun. C’mon, really head?)

Clearly, it’s best to ditch your head, and check in with your heart. Maybe your heart wants to stretch out in a late afternoon yoga class, or get sweaty on a long forest run. Or perhaps a family picnic or cosy sleep in is more your style.

This heart-chosen soul-nourishing activity could be done by yourself, or with friends or family. Doesn’t matter, so long as it’s something that you really want and can enjoy on your fun day.

Get out

If you have an office job, likely you’ll be stuck indoors most of the week. Sitting under the glare of icky office lighting and in a less-than-fresh air conditioned environment depletes your energy and saps your mood – eek!

To counter your indoorsy weekday life, immerse yourself in fresh air on Sunday. Natural environments, particularly those that feature plant life or moving water, are high in calming and mood-boosting negative ions.

Plan a forest or beach walk or head to your local park for an hour. Sit, breathe, play for awhile and appreciate the greens and blues of the world around you.

Order ahead

Who wants to spend their precious weekend in the supermarket?

Not me!

Keep your Sunday sacred and fill your fridge and pantry via online shopping instead.

Go the whole hog or order just your fruit and vege. I love my weekly fruit and vege delivery. Plus it saves me the hassle of hauling heavy bags up the driveway and into the house. (We live on a steep block, with 22 steps to the front door. Those guys can totally have my $4 delivery.)

Make ahead

Do you ever think about spending a chunk of your Sunday preparing a week’s worth of freezable dinners, but find it never eventuates?

Me too.

(I guess those thoughts come from the head, not the heart, right?)

Preparing one thing feels much more manageable. (And leaves time for that yoga class too, huh?).

Your future-self will be high-fiving you when you’ve got something healthy and delicious to grab and go. The list of choices for make ahead meals is endless, but here’s one that’s a winner at my place:

Make ahead breakfast bircher muesli:
In a large bowl or container, place:
1 x 500g packet of Carmen’s bircher muesli
A handful of extras such as pepitas, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, chopped nuts
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 green apple, grated

Stir through 500g vanilla yoghurt (I love coconut yoghurt!) and some extra water or apple juice to get a goopy consistency.
Cover, and pop in the fridge overnight.

Next (and subsequent) morning, serve your bircher muesli topped with extra fresh fruit if you like. This makes a big batch. With a belly full of healthy breakfast, you’ll feel like a total winner every day of the week!


Are weekdays crazy busy at your place?

Work, household chores, school drop-offs, homework, dog-walking, sport, social engagements…

Often there’s barely time to exchange a, ‘hey, how are you’ with the people closest to us.

Sunday is a perfect day to catch up on each other.

I’m not talking about elaborate or expensive activities. Truly, sitting with your loves and having a cuddle or watching a show together can be meaningful connection. Make an effort to spend quality time with each of your special people. It will gladden your souls.

Brain dump

Avoid a mid-week panic by checking in with the events, deadlines, activities and appointments due for each family member before Monday hits.

List important dates in your diary or create a family calendar that’s visible to everyone. Inside the pantry door or on the fridge is ideal.

Stay off the booze

OK, I’m not going to be a complete wowser here. I love a glass of wine on the weekend as much as the next busy lady, but if you want to feel *almost* as though you could leap out of bed on Monday morning, kerb your Sunday night alcohol intake.

Opt to go alcohol free, or at least limit yourself to one glass of quality beer or wine. Drink it mindfully; savour every sip.

And, you will sleep better for it.

Prepare for a soft landing

Glide into your week with a gentle and nourishing Sunday evening routine.

Soothe your senses by switching off the television and electrical devices by 8.30pm. Languish in a warm bath or shower, (add a drop of lavender essential oil for extra ahhhh) read something light, pop on some fresh pyjamas and tuck up in bed by 10pm.

Ahhh, what a perfect way to sign off on Sunday!

Here’s to calmer weekdays

Imagine: it’s the end of the week and there’s still food in the fridge. Permission notes made it to school on time and you are riding high on a weird feeling of…. calm…

Yes, you can feel that way!

Simply take a few purposeful actions on Sunday and it’s possible to begin each new week feeling deliciously calmer and much more organised.

Once you reframe your Sundays, a chaotic Monday to Friday will become so last week.

PS: Wanna relax on the regular, but not sure what to do?  The ‘Calm Compass’ quiz will help you discover the relaxation technique best suited to YOU!

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    Great advice. I love the muesli recipe

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