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101 ways to be more mindful in your everyday life.

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Being mindful is an easy, accessible way each and everyone of us can do to stay present, centred and relaxed. Mindfulness requires no fancy equipment, no expensive course to attend.  Being mindful simply means to fully engage the mind in whatever you are experiencing at any given moment.

For example, to eat an apple mindfully, you commit to noticing every detail of the experience – hearing the crunch of your bite, detecting the juiciness in your mouth, smelling the fruit, noticing the shape and colour of the apple, and so on.

These little moments of mindfulness help us to BE in the moment 100% rather than be a bystander to the myriad of experiences that flavour everyday.

This big, long list of contains easy-to-do, practical and fun ways to play with mindfulness. And  with 101 things to choose from, you’re bound to find a few ways to be mindful TODAY and everyday!

101 ways to be more mindful.
  1. On waking, notice the softness and warmth of your bed.
  2. Assess the room, noting the light and noise level around you.
  3. Take a few deep, waking-up breaths – notice the depth of your breath, and where you can feel the breath in the body.
  4. Listen to the sound of your breath.
  5. Notice the temperature of your breath (which is cooler, the inhalation or the exhalation).
  6. Enjoy a big old stretch and ask yourself,  ‘How does my body feel today?’ Supple, or a little stiff? Any aches or pains?
  7. Feel the sensation of your feet connecting to the bedroom floor. Notice textures and temperatures underneath your feet.
  8. Feel the feet as they slip into your socks or ugg boots.
  9. Take a drink of water, observing it’s path traveling from your mouth down into the belly.
  10. Savour the warmth, temperature and flavour of your morning tea or coffee.
  11. Notice all the sounds of your breakfast preparation – the clang of cutlery against bowls, the glug of milk as it pours, the pop of the toaster, the crunch of your cereal, for example.
  12. In the shower, smell your shampoo and soap.
  13. Feel the shower water hitting your skin.
  14. Use cold water for the last 30 seconds of your shower. (You’ll be awake for sure now!)
  15. Dress in clothes you love.
  16. Notice the feeling of waistbands, necklines and cuffs against your skin.
  17. Write down 3 things you must do today.
  18. Write down 3 things you are thankful for.
  19. When writing your 3 things, do so slowly and purposefully; feel the pen or pencil glide over the page, listen to the sounds of pen on paper, notice the feeling of the pen between your fingers.
  20. Scan your eyes around the room before you leave the house – thank your home for sheltering you.
  21. Notice the sound of your shoes on the ground.
  22. Count the steps between your front door and mailbox
  23. Look up and watch the clouds move through the sky.
  24. Notice 11 different colours in the world around you.
  25. Notice all the different shades of green on one leafy tree.
  26. Set a reminder on your phone – take 3 deep breaths, on the hour, every hour during the day.
  27. Roll your eyes in both directions.
  28. Alternate your gaze from an object up close to one in the distance 20 times, slowly.
  29. Squeeze your shoulders up to your ears as you breathe in, then sigh the breath out as you drop the shoulders back down.
  30. Blink your eyes 7 times.
  31. Rub your palms together, then place over your closed eyes. Detect any heat from the palms.
  32. Whenever you visit the bathroom, smile at yourself in the mirror.
  33. Smile at a stranger.
  34. Say hello to a stranger.
  35. Text a friend to say how much you appreciate them.
  36. Compliment a friend or colleague.
  37. Eat your lunch outside (weather permitting, of course!)
  38. Eat your lunch slowly and in silence.
  39. Notice 5 human-made sounds.
  40. Notice 5 natural sounds.
  41. Notice the colour of your eyes.
  42. Notice the eye colour of the next person you speak to face-to-face.
  43. Notice your posture slumps and sit up straight when you feel slumpy.
  44. Tune into the moisture in your mouth.
  45. Rub your thumb and fingertips together.
  46. Give yourself a scalp massage.
  47. Stand barefoot on the grass.
  48. Place your hands on your tummy and feel your breath moving in and out.
  49. Slowly rub moisturiser into your hands.
  50. Notice the feeling of air on the exposed parts of the body.
  51. Give yourself a hug.
  52. Give someone you love a hug.
  53. Write a personal note (on paper) to say “Thanks!” or “I love you” (or both!)
  54. Eat a snack and zone-in on the flavour and texture of it.
  55. Identify one emotion you are feeling right now.
  56. Scrunch up your toes.
  57. Point and flex the feet.
  58. Roll your ankles.
  59. Slowly move the head from side to side.
  60. Look down.
  61. Look up.
  62. Name 3 fragrances you can smell in the air.
  63. Clap your hands together.
  64. Interlace your fingers.
  65. Relax all the muscles in your face.
  66. Squeeze your earlobes.
  67. Listen to a piece of music and try to hear each different instrument.
  68. Leave a comment on your favourite blogger’s latest words.
  69. Unsubscribe to 3 email newsletters that no longer resonate with you.
  70. Rate your current energy level on a scale of 1-10.
  71. Stand up and move.
  72. Lie down and rest.
  73. Hold a book in your hands and read a few pages.
  74. Describe the weather.
  75. Fold forward like a rag-doll and look at the world upside-down for a moment.
  76. Take a different route home.
  77. Call an old friend.
  78. Shout a stranger a coffee.
  79. Stop for a busker and really listen to them play.
  80. Play with the kids and give them your full attention as you do so.
  81. Allocate a chunk of time to go totally screen-free.
  82. Take note of all the different actions needed to prepare your dinner – chopping, mixing, pouring.
  83. Notice all the different materials your kitchenware is made from – crockery, metal, wood.
  84. Go outside and look at the night sky.
  85. Run your fingers through your hair.
  86. Take in the body language of the person you are listening to.
  87. Watch the sun set.
  88. Notice when you feel tired and get ready for bed.
  89. Lower your voice and dim your lighting an hour before bed.
  90. Take a warm, deep bath.
  91. Feel the softness of your bath towel on your skin.
  92. Mindfully hop into your pyjamas.
  93. Write down 2 things you accomplished today.
  94. Write down 2 things you appreciate about today.
  95. Send a mental ‘thank you’ to someone who made you smile today.
  96. Think of one moment that surprised you today.
  97. Snuggle into your bed.
  98. Give yourself a hug goodnight.
  99. Listen to the sounds of the night.
  100. Put in a request for a pleasant dream.
  101. Thank your god/goddess/higher-self/guides for another day on the planet.

Which four practices from the list will you practice today? Let me know in the comments!
Me, I’m off outside to watch the clouds for a bit..

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    • Anne
    • July 4, 2018

    I’m off to my exercise group this morning. After that I will practice mindfulness suggestions regarding my posture.

    Enjoy watching the clouds, Bronni. xx

      • Bronni Page
      • July 5, 2018

      That sounds like a lovely morning. I went for a quick beach walk and noticed all the blues of the ocean. Thanks for your readership! 🙂

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